Bali island is famous for many many things and one of the reason is Bali is home to many amazing waterfalls . A bali trip not complete without at least one or two of this nature's magic. There are waterfalls scattered all around bali and you will need about 4-5 days if you want to visit all of them , But many of the people visit bali usually do not have enough time to visit all of the bali mainly due to majority of the waterfalls are situated in the northern region of bali which less visited by the tourists compare to the southern parts like Uluwatu, denpasar & Canggu.

Ubud Waterfalls

Ubud Waterfalls

For those who have plans with fewer days to spend there are few amazing waterfalls near the cultural central of Ubud to explore. It is always better to spend 1-2 days in Ubud and you can easily visit these waterfalls within a day. Once you have visited the waterfalls in Bali you will understand reason why this place is called the tropical paradise and the land of gods A quick tip to visit the places early as possible because Places near ubud tend to get crowded very fast with tourists . Here are the list of Waterfalls closer to Ubud that you should not miss when you visit bali.

Tegenungan Waterfall


Surrounded by lush greenery the Teganungan waterfall is one of the closest to Ubud, Only about 20-25 min from Ubud and for this reason it is also one the most visited waterfall in bali. 

It is also of the perfect spot for have a bath compare to other waterfalls. It is wise to visit this place in the evenings as this waterfall faces west and you will have a beautiful evening sun-light for your Photos. the path down to the waterfall from the carpark is practically on Easy scale with well built steps untill you reach the bottom. Do not miss a Beautiful viewpoint where the path starts to go down.

Tibumana Waterfall


Tibumana waterfall is one another waterfall you can have a dip in the cold refreshing natural water. about 25-30 min scooter ride will bring you to this place and a short 10 min hike down the hills from the car park will bring you this secluded wonder.Its just a peaceful expereince to have a splash at the water but always keep in ind to avoid going directly under to the falling water as the locals suggest to avoid get injured by the debris or rocks coming through the stream. The shallow pool is great to bring the kids as well.


For the Photographers this waterfall is one of the best option for the insta worthy portraits because of the whole place is covered by trees you will get a very constant lighting all day along. walk around the stream to find more spots for those unique pictures. Make sure to checkout a small picture perfect waterfall about 10 minute walk from the main waterfall. 

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

henderson wave-6792.jpg

Located about 30 minutes ride from Ubud this is another secluded Kanto Lampo waterfall you should not miss. climbing up the rocks and taking a photo is a must do. always watch out for the slippery rocks. This waterfall is also very famous among the locals and you will always see locals enjoying there time here. therefore it is better to visit early is the morning if you want enjoy this people with less people around.


Lockers available to keep your things secured so you can enjoy your dip in peace. It will only take about brief 5 min walk from the carpark to the waterfall but the steps closer to the falls is always slippery so hold on to the guard rails always for your safety. Since the area around the waterfall is small it can get real crowded very fast keep in mind this when you plan your visit. 


Tukad Cepung Waterfall


Although it is located at about 45-50 ride from ubud, It is very easy to reach from ubud therefore included in the list. From my personal experience Tukad Cepung waterfall is the most unique waterfall of Bali. Especially the hike to the waterfall through the cave like stream is very interesting and will give you an unforgettable experience.


It is best to visit this waterfall in the early morning to catch the magical sun rays falling into the cave. Im sure none of the photographers want to miss this unique opportunity. There is a shallow pool at the end of the pool for you have a quick dip. The hike down to the fall from the carpark will take you around 15-20 minute.

bali sep 18-1-86.jpg

Make sure to keep the travelling time to each of the location when you do the planning. It is best to stay in Ubud to visit all the waterfalls mention here because the travelling time.


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