Sacred Monkey Forest of Ubud , Bali

The sacred monkey forest of ubud is a nature reserve, temple complex and also a monkeys sanctuary situated right in the middle of the Ubud. The monkey forest is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bali with thousand of tourists arrive here everyday to have a wall in the jungle filled with monkeys. 

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How to get here ? 

If you are in Ubud already walking is the best option since walking around Ubud is just an experience s own. Otherwise you can rest a scooter a bicycle very easily practically from anywhere and get here on your own. It might take about one and half hour (depends on the traffic condition) from Denpasar or Canggu area. Most of the hotels have shuttle services available as well. simply ask your hotel staff more details if you don't have a transport of your own.

Same as any other tourist attraction in Bali the monkey forest also gets crowded very faster therefore it is always a good idea to visit earlier as possible to avoid large get caught in the large crowd. the place is open daily from 08:30 AM - 6 PM and the entrance fee is 80000 IDR for adult and 60000 IDR for a child (used to be 50000 IDR for adult when i visited 2 years ago ) according their website. 


Monkeys in Bali are famous for being cheeky. They even know how to unzip your bags and take your stuff but rest assured it is very unlikely they will disturb you unless you have any food items in your hand visible therefore the one of the main guideline you have to follow is not make your food items visible to the monkey in general its is better to keep all your loose items inside your bags including your sunglasses and small pouches to avoid them taken away by the cheeky little monkeys. 

To respect the natural behavior of the monkeys and avoiding any accident (since monkeys are wild animal, not pets and their behavior is unpredictable), please don’t make any physical contact or feed the monkey extra food from outside of the park. 

you can buy bananas from staff and feed them if you want to. you can even take a selfie with them with the help of a park staff but do not approach the moneys by yourself and always avoid provoking them. 

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Be a little extra cautious with the ones with the babies because the mother monkeys are tend to be protective of their little ones and can get aggressive if you tried to provoke them. 

if you need any assistance there will plenty of staff in the uniform who you can ask for help at any time. 

to find out more about the guidelines to follow , visit here 


It is very usual that sometimes the monkeys jump on you or your bag and people get freaked. when you experience anything like this all you have to is stay and not panic they are not attacking you but trying to find food in your bags only when they cannot find anything monkeys will just get away from you. 


There are about three temples inside the monkey forest area for you to see including the main temple Pura Dalem Agung, located in the southwest area. Although visiting inside the temple premises is restricted you can still walk around the beautiful jungle and enjoy the fresh air 


There is a small valley like area to explore starting from one of the temple where you can closer to a small river and enjoy feel of a rain forest in real life. 

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