Tegallalang Rice Terraces of Ubud, Bali

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Situated at just 20 minutes from Ubud Tegalalang Rice terrace is one of the place that you must visit in Bali. Without any doubt this is also one of the highly visited place by the tourists is Bali , Mainly Due to the Breathtaking natural beauty it has to offer and the easy access to the place itself. Whether you are travelling with a tour guide or on your own it is very accessible to every one with a straight main road connecting it from the cultural centre of Bali , Ubud. 


#How to get here ?  

Situated North of Ubud , You can reach here very easily  in just 20 minute from Ubud therefore it is wise to stay Around ubud area to make most of your time. There is no proper place to park your scooter or the so keep on mind the traffic and the surroundings when you park them. You can always ask the locals for a suitable parking space they are more than happy to help you. 


Reaching here from other parts of bali like Canggu or Denpasar area not a difficult option but relatively long drive(About 1 hour +) compare to Ubud, Or else You can easily make this as your first stop when you plan to explore ubud as well and then continue from here for the other places. 


#When to visit ?  

To have the perfect experience in the Rice Terraces you must visit in the early morning when i say early i mean try to here before the dawn. The main reason is to enjoy the Magical morning light through the misty palm trees in the rice fields and to avoid the crowd who usually starts to arrive here as early as 0730 am. If you want those perfect insta worthy photos for yourself the only time you could take them in the early morning before the tourists arrive here in large numbers.  

#Entrance Fee ?  


Entrance to the Rice terraces is free of charge but There will be places to give a donation to the farmers. you can any amount you want and it totally up to. usually i give about 20000 IDR (1-2 $) which is a fair amount. it is very important to keep your feet off the rice fields one reason of for your own safety and the main reason is to respect the farmers and not to destroy their crops and. If you want to go a little further into the fields to take photos you can politely ask a farmer they might ask for a small amount maybe like 50000IDR to let you go and take photos.  


#What to do  ?  


The world famous Bali-Swings which has become a bucket list thing to tick off during the bali trip. Ofcourse there are swings all around Bali but the swings at this place are some of the best ones .

a swing will cost you somewhere around 100000-150000 IDR depends of the location. 

nayomidilan-1-81 2.jpg

#What to do  ?  


Take all the insta-worthy photos you want with the lovely nest like photo booths and the Love-Bali signs all around the area.


#What to do  ?  


Or just simply have a mini hike around the whole areas to indulge yourself with the beautiful nature. Make sure to wear comfortable attire and proper shoes because you had to walk up and down quite a lot and some of the areas can be muddy as well. 

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 04.10.41.png



#20 min

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 04.14.48.png



#1 hour 5 min

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 04.28.58.png

Sila Urip 

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