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Jewel Changi Airport or Simply #Jewel is a Nature themed shopping complex in Singapore Changi Airport. Interconnected with the Terminals 1,2& 3 this massive complex is home to more than 300 reatail and dining facilities. Jewel also features the iconic tallest indoor waterfall The Rain Vortex. 


Designed by the legendary Architect Moshe Safdie, Who also the Architect of The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore this complex is a futuristic marvel which has become the new Landmark of Singapore. With the addition of Jewel Changi Airport will definitely win the best Airport award in the upcoming years as it does for the past 8 years consecutively. 

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Jewel is one the reason why you should not worry if you have a long stop-over flight in Singapore. For those who have a transit time of 5-6 hours or more count yourself lucky. It very easy to access Jewel from Any terminal although Terminal1 is the closest one it is well connected with terminals 2&3 By Link Bridges and There is shuttle busses connecting Terminal 4. If you are already in singapore , Jewel is very Easy to get to using public transport is well connected with MRT & Bus Services from any part of singapore. 

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Filled with over 100000 Trees and Plants The Forest valley Valley is a place you will discover how well the nature and modern architecture has been fused together to create a Breath-taking Experience for every visitor. The term ' Airports should not be Boring ' must be the one objective the designers had in mind when designing this Urban Oasis. The jewel Changi Aiport will redefine your idea airport in your life. 

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The main Highlight of jewel is the HSBC Rain Vortex , a 40m height high indoor waterfall which is also the world tallst of its kind. Have a seat at the many seating areas available throughout the forest valley and enjoy the majestic waterfall comes to life with lights and music everyday from 07.30 pm untill 11.30 pm , It is something that you should not miss. Fred not if you miss a show you can make use of the 1 hour waiting time for the show by having a meal in o=any one of the many delicious restaurants in Jewel with some of the famous franchises like Shake shak , A&W and many more 

Visit #HSBC RAIN VORTEX  for light Show Timings 

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The Canopy Park located in the topmost level is just a play ground for everyone from bouncing nets to mazes this floor itself a mini theme park on its own. With some of the beast eateries like Tiger Street and there is something for everyone at this area. 

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Visit #The Canopy Park to know more about the attractions

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TAKE A WALK THROUGH THE AIR in the Canopy Bridge

Suspended 23 metres above ground, take a walk on the Canopy Bridge for a gripping vantage point. With a glass bottom at the centre portion and fog emitted at both ends, experience what it feels like to walk among the clouds 

Take note that Entrance to this bridge is Chargeable and For safety reasons luggage and wheeled bags are not allowed in the bridge.  

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When visit the canopy park on level 5 make use of the beautiful gardens and plants to get your insta worthy portraits Jewel also host special seasonal exhibits such as sakura for the season and special  Orchids. 

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