A Magical Day Trip To This Hidden Paradise Near Bali!


Nusa Penida 

Nusa Penida has become the 'Not to miss Option' when you plan a trip to Bali. Just an hour long speed-boat ride from the main island of Bali will bring you to this famous paradise. It's just like the island of Bali but smaller in size with some of the best landscapes to enjoy a one day trip. A day trip to Nusa penida has become a popular activity. Legend has it that this island is used to keep the evils locked up from the main island but when you visit, all you'll see are friendly and smiling faces saying hello to one another.


A few years back before social media took over the world, this amazing island was vastly ignored by tourists visiting Bali due to lack of facilities and infrastructure. The island has a good number of accommodations including some of the amazing beach villas with nice roads leading to the attractions. To make the most of your time here, take the earliest possible speedboat from Sanur beach so that you have enough time to enjoy without the rush. Buying tickets is very easy just ask your hotel or visit Sanur to buy tickets on the spot from any of the speed boat operators.

#Kelingking Beach , The T-Rex Head 

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#Broken Beach 

It is obvious how this place got it's name 'The Broken Beach'. It is one of the most unique landscape I have ever seen and you would totally agree with me once you visit this place. Have a walk round the sunken beach and enjoy the sea breeze and the view of waves crashing inside the cave beach beneath you. It would take about 25-30 min to reach here from Kelingking beach. 

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#Angel's  BollaBong


Take a dip in the crystal clear water in the Angel's Billabong , another popular thing to do in Nusa Penida. About 150m walk from the broken beach, this place is a double bonus for you. Keep a lookout for high tides and the holes on the ground when you go down to the pool. It is one of the best place that offers a majestic photo background like nowhere else.

#Crystal  Bay

Crystal bay is the perfect end to your day trip. 45-50 min ride from the broken beach will bring you to this amazing beach which is also a famous spot for snorkeling. The beautiful bay surrounded by palm trees offer an amazing sunset viewing option if you are spending the night in Nusa Penida. Have dip in the water or rent snorkeling gear from the many shops at the beach and enjoy the time.

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#Route for the Day Trip 

-Kelingking Beach

-Broken Beach

-Angel's BillaBong

-Crystal  Bay 


Kelingking Beach

Broken Beach & Angel's Billabong

Crystal Bay


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